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what you need to start selling on poshmark

Here’s a quick roundup of supplies for selling on Poshmark. I’m going to list several options for a couple different budgets and you’ll find totals at the bottom of the page – I hope you find some info here that helps you!

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. I wouldn’t recommend anything on this blog unless I’d use it myself.

Once you have a solid idea of how selling on Poshmark works, you’ve made a few sales, and you’ve defined your goals it’s time to invest in some equipment to take your Poshmark business to the next level! This isn’t EVERYTHING I’d recommend to have on hand if you have a full-time income selling on Poshmark or other applications, but it’s what I’d recommend starting with if you’re serious about making a hefty side income and working toward making it a full-time gig. If you missed it, here’s my little guide on how to start on Poshmark.

If you’ve made 10+ sales and you’re ready to scale this thing and run with it, read on. This is the set of tools to take professional photos and securely pack and ship products to my customers. Some of these items you probably have laying around already. Some you probably don’t! Let’s get started.

1.) Clear poly bags

poly bags: supplies for your poshmark closet
This is one of the very first things you’ll want to grab when you’re ready to add a touch of professionalism to your business. They make for a clean presentation – and more importantly – clear poly bags protect the item you’re shipping from the elements.

While the free USPS boxes you can get from your post office provide a basic degree of protection, they are just boxes. Boxes are especially prone to water damage. If you protect your items with poly bags, you will not experience customer complaints about items you’ve shipped becoming damaged by the elements. Try this combo pack with 4 different sizes to get you started. It’s a lot more convenient than buying each size separately. Also, if this selling online thing ends up not being your style, you’re not out as much money


2.) Lots of shipping tape

shipping tape for poshmark closet

You’ll go through a lot of this. An impossible amount. Save money by buying in bulk!


3.) A good, cost-effective lighting set

No need to get crazy and buy something with all the bells and whistles! A simple lighting set will take you far and improve the quality of your photos significantly in many situations.If you’re able to take photos in an area that is consistently well-lit by daylight, you won’t need to use a lighting kit. But if the area you live in has a lot of cloudy or rainy weather or if you’re generally unable to take photos for Poshmark during the day, you’ll definitely need this to take anything worth posting at all.

This one runs about $62, it’s lightweight, portable, and can easily be folded up and stored in a closet with the rest of your Poshmark supplies. I love my lighting kit and I was honestly surprised at how high-quality it is for such a low price. I use it at least 4-5 times a week, due to overcast weather in the Houston area.


4.) Some kind of thank you note or sticker

I’d personally recommend starting out with handwritten notes. In the beginning, it’s especially important to get glowing reviews from your customers. You can get creative and personalize your notes as much as you like. Address the customer by their name, comment on the item they purchased, or whatever comes naturally for you and fits with the vibe of your business.

I started out by purchasing several packs of thank-you cards that were on clearance in my local Target’s $3 spot and then I eventually created my own to print off. You can find all kinds of cute, printable thank-you cards on Etsy as well!


5.) A photography backdrop (or just a posterboard)

wooden photography backgrounds: supplies for your poshmark closetwhite brick background: supplies for your poshmark closetplain photography background: supplies for your poshmark closet

Whether or not you use a background depends on your personal preference and what works best for your Poshmark closet.

What kind of background you need depends on your personal style. If you’re going for a modern or minimalistic vibe, you can easily do very well with a simple white poster board for flat lays or a white sheet you already own. If you have more of a rustic, bohemian, vintage, or niche vibe you might want to consider a backdrop with a wooden or textured look.There are all kinds of photography backdrops on Amazon. You can use these for flat lays or for more traditional images.

Whatever you choose, I’d recommend picking something that is not too busy. Remember that your backdrop should be improving the quality of your photos, not distracting from the item you’re trying to sell. This minimal, white backdrop costs only $12.95.


6.) A clothing steamer

clothing steamer for selling on poshmark
If you don’t already have one of these, strongly consider getting a steamer to get rid of wrinkles in your items. They’ll photograph much better without wrinkles and the better your photographs are, the quicker you’ll be able to make sales.

Especially if you don’t like ironing, this will be a win for you. This one is under $25 and will make your life A LOT easier when trying to photograph items and capture the true beauty of them on camera.


7.) A printer, ink, and paper

best printer for selling on poshmark - bluetooth enabled printer

You need a printer that works well and you thoroughly understand how to use. I would highly recommend using one with Bluetooth enabled, that way you can print your shipping labels directly from your phone. Talk about a time saver! This one is under $50.

8.) Bubble wrap

If you sell purses and shoes, you’ll need bubble wrap on hand to securely ship these items. Better safe than sorry! You don’t want your item getting damaged in the shipping process. It’s another expense, but if you’re sourcing the correct brands and pricing correctly while selling on Poshmark you shouldn’t have an issue keeping all of your supplies stocked.


9.) Tissue paper, ribbon, and other things to beautify your Poshmark packages

You won’t be using this stuff in every package – but you’ll probably want it for most of them! Posh supports women’s, men’s, kids, and babies items, but the overwhelming majority of items on Poshmark are women’s and Poshmark shoppers are used to receiving thoughtfully packaged gift-like packages. You can get packs of tissue paper for $1 each from the dollar store! Small decorative items can be bought to spruce up your packaging – ribbon, twine, and craft paper, for example.

Okay, so say you have an extremely low budget.

Here’s the bare minimum I think you should get as far as supplies go just to get you started selling on Poshmark seriously:

  • Clear poly bags x 100 in one, larger size that can fit all or most items ($13.50)
  • A roll of shipping tape from Walmart or a local store – they only sell packs of 2-3+ online ($2.50)
  • Scissors (You probably have these already – if not, then about $3)
  • 3 cheap packs of thank-you notes/cards from the dollar store ($3)
  • A couple packs of tissue paper from the dollar store ($2)
  • Print labels at your library or another local facility (Usually about 10-25 cents per label)
  • USPS Priority Mail boxes (NOT the “Priority Mail Flat Rate” ones, only the ones that just say “Priority Mail”) (Free)
  • Photography background: white poster board from Walmart ($1-3)

Total: About $27 + (10-25 cents per shipping label printed)

Not bad! 

You can do very well with this toolset. If you’re on an extreme budget right now, start with these very basic tools and then upgrade as you start selling on Poshmark more frequently.

If you have a little more room in your budget, here’s what I think you should definitely get:

  • Clear poly bags x 400 in various sizes ($22.50)
  • USPS Priority mail boxes (Free)
  • Paper, ink, and simple Bluetooth enabled printer ($80)
  • Beginner photography lighting set ($62)
  • 5 packs of tissue paper from the dollar store ($5)
  • 5 packs of thank-you cards from the dollar store ($5)
  • 5 rolls of ribbon from the dollar store ($5)
  • Large pack of shipping tape ($18)
  • Clothing steamer ($22)
  • 1 photography backdrop ($15)

Total: $234.50

Not a bad up-front cost to start a business!

Hope this post has been helpful for you! Is there an item you can’t live without as a Poshmark seller? Let me know in the comments!

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