Posh 103: Intermediate Poshmark Tips to Amp up your Posh Sales

Hey glad you’re here! Here are my intermediate Poshmark tips for you. Once you’ve gotten a grasp on the basics there are quite a few other things that you can do to get more sales on Poshmark.

Taking advantage of “closet clear out”.

using poshmark closet clear out to make more sales

This event happens every couple of weeks and in my experience and you can rack up a lot more sales if you use this tactic strategically. Basically, you have to discount an item in your closet by at least 10% and anyone who has “liked” that item will receive a notification saying that the price has dropped. They’ll also get discounted shipping if they buy it within an hour. This creates urgency and the buyer is a lot more likely to actually purchase the item.

The trick to using this tip is to make sure you are doing these price drops at the right times. You don’t generally want to do this during the week or during the day, you want to do them during the evening, on weekends. Think Friday and Saturday nights around 6 or 7 PM. You can also do these a little bit earlier on a Sunday – I’ve heard Sundays work well for this. Try 2-4PM on a Sunday.

If you do price drops during the weekdays while people at work or school, they’re a lot less likely to see the notifications in time to get the discounted shipping and you will have dropped your item price for no reason.

You won’t sell every item you do strategic price drops on, but you’ll sell more than you would if you ignored Closet Clear Out when it pops up. Take advantage of it!


Really pay attention to your packaging, but don’t get crazy.

Focus on getting a ton of 5-star ratings while you’re building up your closet. The more you have, the easier it will be for people to buy from you. One of the easiest ways to do this is through your packaging. Make it cute, but keep it simple. You don’t want to eat up your profits with fancy wrapping paper or spend a ridiculous amount of time packaging orders.

Get some tissue paper and make sure that your item is securely packaged. The most effective “extra” that you can include in your package is a handwritten thank-you note.This communicates to the buyer that you genuinely care about their buying experience. It also gives you a chance to up-sell your closet! Try including an offer for them to take 20% off the next item they buy in your closet, and they’ll probably keep you in mind next time they shop on Poshmark.

I get my thank-you notes from the Target Dollar Spot, usually when they’re on clearance. I simply write something along the lines of:

“Hey, (buyer name)!

Thank you so much for your purchase!

I hope you enjoy this (brand name, item)

Mention this note for 20% any item in my closet next time you shop!”

If the buyer and I exchanged any kind of conversation before or after they purchased the item, I might write more if I have something to add. But that’s it! A little extra effort goes a long way.

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Follow people who are your size and like similar brands

Especially if you carry niche brands in your closet, follow people who follow those brands! Some brands have powerful followings. A lot of times these people are collecting items that are made by that particular brand.

Poshmark is one of a few places that the buyer can find specific items that they might be looking to collect. Even if they’re not necessarily designer items, they’re just a specific brand or style. Find the people who are looking for the “collectible” brands that you carry and follow them.

Also, follow people that are the sizes you carry. This is extremely helpful because, again, these people are a lot more likely to buy items from your closet if they’re looking for the sizes you have. For example, if you have a lot of plus size items in your Poshmark closet, don’t start following random people.

You are unlikely to follow a large percentage of plus size users that way. Search specifically for people who have their size listed as plus size –  say 22 to 24; follow those people specifically to get more sales on Poshmark.


Start getting crazy with your pictures; focus on your cover photo.

Take flat lays, gather props, or use flowers. You will get more sales on Poshmark if you have clean, aesthetically pleasing pictures on Poshmark. Find a blogger or designer whose aesthetic you admire and channel them when taking cover images for your listings.

Poshmark is a visual platform and has many similarities to Instagram. People are scrolling through the feed or searching a particular brand or style and they will look at your item based mostly off of the cover photo. So, make sure that at least your cover photo is clean, clear, and well-styled. The rest of your photos just need accurately show what your item looks like. You honestly don’t need to worry about styling these unless you want to.


If you’re a full-time reseller: get more sales on Poshmark by paying close attention to showrooms.

One of the most valuable things you can spend your time doing on Poshmark is keeping up with Poshmark showrooms. Source some of your inventory specifically for these showrooms – these are top items on Posh that sell quickly. Just make sure that you include the keywords in these listings. You don’t share your items to showrooms, they will automatically appear in there if the listings include the exact keywords in the names of the showrooms.

For instance, if your item is a J.Crew puffer vest, make sure that you put those exact words into your listing title and description. 

It works and these items sell. There is a set number of these showrooms each day – keep track of them and source items for them when possible. I wouldn’t recommend trying to exclusively sell showroom items, but you can definitely boost your sales by being on the lookout for the items that are featured in them regularly. They are heavily featured in the app, so shoppers are more likely to see these items than regular ones. Having some of your items in showrooms will also drive traffic to the rest of your closet.


Follow up with private discounts for people who show interest in your items.

When somebody bundles an item (or items) make sure to send them an offer immediately even if it’s just a couple dollars off. They’re in the mood to buy it then and there; 20 minutes later they might have gone to work or had an argument with their spouse or any number of things. Get them while they’re in shopping mode: make more sales on Poshmark by making sure you follow up on any bundles with a private offer even if it’s only a small discount. They’re more likely to buy if you follow up with an offer right away rather than waiting. 

Since this feature came into play, I usually recommend that sellers lower the automatic bundle discount in their closet. Many buyers expect to be offered a lower price on bundles through this feature. Poshmark advises sellers to list their items at least 40-50% off the original retail price. So if you have a 15% discount automatically applied to your item that is 50% off and the buyer expects you to throw in free shipping or $5-10 off on top of that, your profits will be eaten up quicker.

Reduce your default bundle discount to 5% if you want to keep one. This way, you can afford to send more private offers should you choose to. 


Follow other resellers or Poshmark sellers on Instagram. And YouTube.

One of the best ways that you can find high-quality Poshmark tips and learn more about brands to source for Poshmark is by getting advice from other Poshers. There are quite a few extremely helpful Instagrammers and YouTubers who share their daily experiences as a Poshmark seller and share valuable information that you can learn from tremendously.

Here are some great Poshmark YouTubers to follow:

These ladies all know what they’re doing and have some great content. They share bands and styles that sell well, various Poshmark tips and tricks, and what to do in specific instances that aren’t ideal; like when a return case is opened against you. If you’ve seen someone else handle it before it happens to you, you’ll feel a lot more confident in dealing with the same situation yourself.

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Research the sold listings religiously

research sold listings on poshmark and ebay

It can be helpful to browse through current Posh listings, but it’s more important to check what items are selling for and how often they are selling. Especially if you’re someone who sells on multiple platforms, you’ll want to make sure that it makes sense to be listing your item on Poshmark. If it’s the wrong brand or style and is rarely sold on Posh, you may be wasting your time by listing it there. It might do better on another Platform. This brings me to the last point, which is…

Understand what sells best on Posh and what works better on other platforms, like eBay

If you sell on other platforms, make sure you know what to list on Poshmark and what you shouldn’t bother with listing there. This will save you hours of fruitless efforts. If you want to get more sales on Poshmark, you have to list only the items that make sense there! Crossposting makes sense for many items, but not all of them. Do your research. Future you will thank current you for putting in the effort to know your craft and understand what works best for each platform you sell on.

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Poshmark 102: Supplies for Poshmark Sellers – Get Started on Poshmark

what you need to start selling on poshmark

Here’s a quick roundup of supplies for selling on Poshmark. I’m going to list several options for a couple different budgets and you’ll find totals at the bottom of the page – I hope you find some info here that helps you!

Once you have a solid idea of how selling on Poshmark works, you’ve made a few sales, and you’ve defined your goals it’s time to invest in some equipment to take your Poshmark business to the next level! This isn’t EVERYTHING I’d recommend to have on hand if you have a full-time income selling on Poshmark or other applications, but it’s what I’d recommend starting with if you’re serious about making a hefty side income and working toward making it a full-time gig. If you missed it, here’s my little guide on how to start on Poshmark.

If you’ve made 10+ sales and you’re ready to scale this thing and run with it, read on. This is the set of tools to take professional photos and securely pack and ship products to my customers. Some of these items you probably have laying around already. Some you probably don’t! Let’s get started.


1.) Clear poly bags

poly bags: supplies for your poshmark closet
This is one of the very first things you’ll want to grab when you’re ready to add a touch of professionalism to your business. They make for a clean presentation – and more importantly – clear poly bags protect the item you’re shipping from the elements.

While the free USPS boxes you can get from your post office provide a basic degree of protection, they are just boxes. Boxes are especially prone to water damage. If you protect your items with poly bags, you will not experience customer complaints about items you’ve shipped becoming damaged by the elements. Try this combo pack with 4 different sizes to get you started. It’s a lot more convenient than buying each size separately. Also, if this selling online thing ends up not being your style, you’re not out as much money


2.) Lots of shipping tape

shipping tape for poshmark closet

You’ll go through a lot of this. An impossible amount. Save money by buying in bulk!


3.) A good, cost-effective lighting set

No need to get crazy and buy something with all the bells and whistles! A simple lighting set will take you far and improve the quality of your photos significantly in many situations.If you’re able to take photos in an area that is consistently well-lit by daylight, you won’t need to use a lighting kit. But if the area you live in has a lot of cloudy or rainy weather or if you’re generally unable to take photos for Poshmark during the day, you’ll definitely need this to take anything worth posting at all.

This one runs about $62, it’s lightweight, portable, and can easily be folded up and stored in a closet with the rest of your Poshmark supplies. I love my lighting kit and I was honestly surprised at how high-quality it is for such a low price. I use it at least 4-5 times a week, due to overcast weather in the Houston area.


4.) Some kind of thank you note or sticker

thank you stickers for poshmark closet

I’d personally recommend starting out with handwritten notes. In the beginning, it’s especially important to get glowing reviews from your customers. You can get creative and personalize your notes as much as you like. Address the customer by their name, comment on the item they purchased, or whatever comes naturally for you and fits with the vibe of your business.

I started out by purchasing several packs of thank-you cards that were on clearance in my local Target’s $3 spot and then I eventually created my own to print off. You can find all kinds of cute, printable thank-you cards on Etsy as well!


5.) A photography backdrop (or just a posterboard)

wooden photography backgrounds: supplies for your poshmark closetwhite brick background: supplies for your poshmark closetplain photography background: supplies for your poshmark closet

Whether or not you use a background depends on your personal preference and what works best for your Poshmark closet.

What kind of background you need depends on your personal style. If you’re going for a modern or minimalistic vibe, you can easily do very well with a simple white poster board for flat lays or a white sheet you already own. If you have more of a rustic, bohemian, vintage, or niche vibe you might want to consider a backdrop with a wooden or textured look.There are all kinds of photography backdrops on Amazon. You can use these for flat lays or for more traditional images.

Whatever you choose, I’d recommend picking something that is not too busy. Remember that your backdrop should be improving the quality of your photos, not distracting from the item you’re trying to sell. This minimal, white backdrop costs only $12.95.


6.) A clothing steamer

clothing steamer for selling on poshmark
If you don’t already have one of these, strongly consider getting a steamer to get rid of wrinkles in your items. They’ll photograph much better without wrinkles and the better your photographs are, the quicker you’ll be able to make sales.

Especially if you don’t like ironing, this will be a win for you. This one is under $25 and will make your life A LOT easier when trying to photograph items and capture the true beauty of them on camera.


7.) A printer, ink, and paper

best printer for selling on poshmark - bluetooth enabled printer

You need a printer that works well and you thoroughly understand how to use. I would highly recommend using one with Bluetooth enabled, that way you can print your shipping labels directly from your phone. Talk about a time saver! This one is under $50.

[affilinet_performance_ad size=300×250]

8.) Bubble wrap

If you sell purses and shoes, you’ll need bubble wrap on hand to securely ship these items. Better safe than sorry! You don’t want your item getting damaged in the shipping process. It’s another expense, but if you’re sourcing the correct brands and pricing correctly while selling on Poshmark you shouldn’t have an issue keeping all of your supplies stocked.


9.) Tissue paper, ribbon, and other things to beautify your Poshmark packages

You won’t be using this stuff in every package – but you’ll probably want it for most of them! Posh supports women’s, men’s, kids, and babies items, but the overwhelming majority of items on Poshmark are women’s and Poshmark shoppers are used to receiving thoughtfully packaged gift-like packages.

Okay, so say you have an extremely low budget.

Here’s the bare minimum I think you should get as far as supplies go just to get you started selling on Poshmark seriously:

  • Clear poly bags x 100 in one, larger size that can fit all or most items ($13.50)
  • A roll of shipping tape from Walmart or a local store – they only sell packs of 2-3+ online ($2.50)
  • Scissors (You probably have these already – if not, then about $3)
  • 3 cheap packs of thank-you notes/cards from the dollar store ($3)
  • A couple packs of tissue paper from the dollar store ($2)
  • Print labels at your library or another local facility (Usually about 10-25 cents per label)
  • USPS Priority Mail boxes (NOT the “Priority Mail Flat Rate” ones, only the ones that just say “Priority Mail”) (Free)
  • Photography background: white poster board from Walmart ($1-3)

Total: About $27 + (10-25 cents per shipping label printed)

Not bad! 

You can do very well with this toolset. If you’re on an extreme budget right now, start with these very basic tools and then upgrade as you start selling on Poshmark more frequently.

If you have a little more room in your budget, here’s what I think you should definitely get:

  • Clear poly bags x 400 in various sizes ($22.50)
  • USPS Priority mail boxes (Free)
  • Paper, ink, and simple Bluetooth enabled printer ($80)
  • Beginner photography lighting set ($62)
  • 5 packs of tissue paper from the dollar store ($5)
  • 5 packs of thank-you cards from the dollar store ($5)
  • 5 rolls of ribbon from the dollar store ($5)
  • Large pack of shipping tape ($18)
  • Clothing steamer ($22)
  • 1 photography backdrop ($15)

Total: $234.50

Not a bad up-front cost to start a business!

Hope this post has been helpful for you! Is there an item you can’t live without as a Poshmark seller? Let me know in the comments!

Posh 101: Start Selling on Poshmark – 9 Tips to Start Making Sales

start selling on poshmark

Poshmark 101: Ready to sell on Poshmark? Here are 9 Tips to Maximize your Earning Potential on Poshmark


1.) Take your pictures in natural light or use a lighting set. Use a solid white background or a backdrop to photograph your items

The #1 thing you can do right now to get more Poshmark sales is to make sure you’re taking clear, well-lit photos with a background that doesn’t take away from your image. Do not underestimate the power of light and clarity! You’ll sell clothes a lot quicker if your images make it easy to view the features of an item and represent the colors accurately.

If you take the time to use good lighting and a good-quality background, you’ll have better pictures than half of Poshmark already. Many Poshers take pictures at night, with nothing but their bedroom lights, resulting in grainy images. Or, they lay items out on a busy background that detracts from the photo, such as a patterned blanket on their bed.

If you were wondering, you absolutely do not need a professional camera to take pictures for Poshmark. In fact, I recommend that you don’t use one.

Just use your phone camera! That way you can upload pictures straight to Poshmark without having to transfer files from one device to another.


2.) Be honest with yourself – don’t waste time listing things that won’t sell. You will get more out of Poshmark if your closet is full of clean, cute items in great condition

Do not post stained up or beat up pieces of clothing on Poshmark. They will not sell, and you will have wasted your time photographing them, creating descriptions, listing them, and sharing them.

Focus your time and energy on the great stuff you have that you know someone would love to have in their closet.


3.) Draw attention to any imperfections on your items

If you have a cute or trending item that happens to have a small flaw, but you know someone will love it anyway, ake sure potential buyers are aware of any flaws your item has. When you highlight the fact that your item has a flaw, you are establishing yourself as an honest seller to anyone who views your listing.

Take a clear picture of the flaw, however small, and include it in your listing. In the description, let the buyer know that the item has an imperfection, and let them know what picture they can see the flaw in.

When someone makes an offer on an item I have listed that has a small tear or hole, I will usually confirm with them that they’ve seen the photos of the item’s imperfection before accepting the offer.


4.) Share other people’s stuff (but don’t forget to share your own)

The more you share, the more shares (and exposure) you will receive! But share your items frequently – especially during parties!


5.) Source items from popular Poshmark brands

Make sure the brands you’re listing on Posh are ones that will probably sell. You can do your own research on this by searching Poshmark’s sold listings, or check out my list of the top 100 brands to sell on Poshmark.


6.) Save money on shipping products by buying in bulk

You’ll save money if you order your shipping products in bulk. Things like tape, thank-you cards, poly mailers, bubble wrap – order it on eBay or Amazon! Don’t waste money going to Office Depot or even Walmart and buying one or two mailers or rolls of tape at a time. If you can afford to buy larger quantities at a time, do it. And don’t forget, of course, to get your free priority mail boxes delivered from USPS.com

tips for poshmark sellers

7.) If someone bundles an item, send them a private offer as quickly as possible

If someone bundles your item, they may have done it by accident – but there’s a good chance that they are seriously interested in that item! Send them a private offer as soon as you see the notification. Hook them in while they are in shopping mode! Don’t wait for them to close Poshmark and go about their day.

About a third of the time, I get a sale by using this tip and offering a few dollars off.


8.) If someone comments a question about your item, reply back ASAP

If someone is interested enough to ask a question about your dress or top, they’re interested enough to be a customer. Reply to their question ASAP instead of putting it off. You’re a lot more likely to keep them interested and make a sale if you get back to them while they’re in the mood to shop.


9.) Follow as many closets as you can every time you open the app

Do this. Really. Hit “Feed” and scroll down until you see “Follow more people to grow your shopping network”. Then follow all of the suggested users there. Scroll back up and hit “New People” and follow a bunch of them. Then go back and hit “Brands”. Find a brand that you have a lot of in your closet and follow as many people as you can stand in one sitting.

Do this regularly. Every day if you can! People will follow you back and you’ll build up a following of people who have your items in their feed when they open their app. The more followers you have, the more sales you’ll get. And the best way to get followers is by following other people.

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tips for poshmark sellers

Top Brands to Sell on Poshmark: List of 105 Brands

brands to sell on poshmark

Having trouble selling from your Poshmark closet? Maybe you have the wrong brands! Certain brands do better than others on Posh – it’s just a more niche marketplace than eBay. Here’s a list of 105 brands that are proven to sell well on Poshmark.

Top Poshmark Brands

Keep in mind that style and condition are just as important as brand. Pay extra attention to the condition when sourcing your inventory – you can get away with selling slightly damaged items if you lower your price significantly, but you want to be doing this as little as possible.  You also want to make sure that your items are current, trending styles or wardrobe staples that are sure to sell. This list of brands will get you started in the right direction, however!

  1. Abercrombie + Fitch
  2. Acne
  3. Adidas
  4. Adrianna Papell
  5. Affliction
  6. AG Adriano Goldschmied
  7. Aldo
  8. Alexander Wang
  9. Alice + Olivia
  10. All Saints
  11. Alo Yoga
  12. Altar’d State
  13. Asos
  14. Ann Taylor
  15. Anthropologie (all labels)
  16. American Eagle Outfitters
  17. Athleta
  18. Ava + Viv
  19. Avenue
  20. Banana Republic
  21. BeBe
  22. Boden
  23. Boston Proper
  24. Brandy Melville
  25. Brooks Brothers
  26. Cabi
  27. Calvin Klein
  28. Cheap Monday
  29. Chico’s
  30. Chloe
  31. Coach
  32. Columbia
  33. Current/Elliot
  34. Cynthia Rowley
  35. Daniel Rainn
  36. Dolce Vita
  37. Dooney & Bourke
  38. Express
  39. Fashion Nova
  40. Fossil
  41. Francesca’s
  42. Franco Sarto
  43. Free People
  44. Gucci
  45. Herschel
  46. Hunter
  47. IZOD (NWT only/mostly)
  48. J. Crew
  49. J. Jill
  50. Jordan
  51. Kate Spade
  52. Kendall & Kylie
  53. Lane Bryant
  54. Levi’s
  55. LL Bean
  56. LOGO Lori Goldstein
  57. LOFT
  58. Louis Vuitton
  59. Lucky Brand
  60. LuLaRoe
  61. Lululemon
  62. Nasty Gal
  63. Nike
  64. North Face
  65. Madewell
  66. Michael Kors
  67. Miss Me (Jeans)
  68. On the Byas
  69. Orvis
  70. Paige
  71. Patagonia
  72. Pendleton
  73. PINK by Victoria’s Secret
  74. Prada
  75. Puma
  76. Ralph Lauren (Especially Polo)
  77. RayBan
  78. Rock Revival
  79. Romeo & Juilet Couture
  80. Sam Edelman
  81. Silver (Jeans)
  82. Soft Surroundings
  83. Splendid
  84. Steve Madden
  85. St. John
  86. Tangerine
  87. Topshop
  88. Toms
  89. Torrid
  90. Tory Burch
  91. Under Armor
  92. UNIF
  93. Urban Outfitters (All labels)
  94. Vans
  95. Vera Bradley
  96. Victoria’s Secret (and VS Sport)
  97. Vince
  98. Vince Camuto
  99. Vinyard Vines
  100. White House Black Market
  101. WhoWhatWear
  102. Woolrich
  103. Young Fab Broke
  104. Zara
  105. 7 For All Mankind (Especially Dojo jeans)


Found this helpful? Check out my list of 9 tips to maximize your profits using Poshmark.