Posh 103: Intermediate Poshmark Tips to Amp up your Posh Sales

Hey glad you’re here! Here are my intermediate Poshmark tips for you. Once you’ve gotten a grasp on the basics there are quite a few other things that you can do to get more sales on Poshmark.

Taking advantage of “closet clear out”.

using poshmark closet clear out to make more sales

This event happens every couple of weeks and in my experience and you can rack up a lot more sales if you use this tactic strategically. Basically, you have to discount an item in your closet by at least 10% and anyone who has “liked” that item will receive a notification saying that the price has dropped. They’ll also get discounted shipping if they buy it within an hour. This creates urgency and the buyer is a lot more likely to actually purchase the item.

The trick to using this tip is to make sure you are doing these price drops at the right times. You don’t generally want to do this during the week or during the day, you want to do them during the evening, on weekends. Think Friday and Saturday nights around 6 or 7 PM. You can also do these a little bit earlier on a Sunday – I’ve heard Sundays work well for this. Try 2-4PM on a Sunday.

If you do price drops during the weekdays while people at work or school, they’re a lot less likely to see the notifications in time to get the discounted shipping and you will have dropped your item price for no reason.

You won’t sell every item you do strategic price drops on, but you’ll sell more than you would if you ignored Closet Clear Out when it pops up. Take advantage of it!


Really pay attention to your packaging, but don’t get crazy.

Focus on getting a ton of 5-star ratings while you’re building up your closet. The more you have, the easier it will be for people to buy from you. One of the easiest ways to do this is through your packaging. Make it cute, but keep it simple. You don’t want to eat up your profits with fancy wrapping paper or spend a ridiculous amount of time packaging orders.

Get some tissue paper and make sure that your item is securely packaged. The most effective “extra” that you can include in your package is a handwritten thank-you note.This communicates to the buyer that you genuinely care about their buying experience. It also gives you a chance to up-sell your closet! Try including an offer for them to take 20% off the next item they buy in your closet, and they’ll probably keep you in mind next time they shop on Poshmark.

I get my thank-you notes from the Target Dollar Spot, usually when they’re on clearance. I simply write something along the lines of:

“Hey, (buyer name)!

Thank you so much for your purchase!

I hope you enjoy this (brand name, item)

Mention this note for 20% any item in my closet next time you shop!”

If the buyer and I exchanged any kind of conversation before or after they purchased the item, I might write more if I have something to add. But that’s it! A little extra effort goes a long way.

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Follow people who are your size and like similar brands

Especially if you carry niche brands in your closet, follow people who follow those brands! Some brands have powerful followings. A lot of times these people are collecting items that are made by that particular brand.

Poshmark is one of a few places that the buyer can find specific items that they might be looking to collect. Even if they’re not necessarily designer items, they’re just a specific brand or style. Find the people who are looking for the “collectible” brands that you carry and follow them.

Also, follow people that are the sizes you carry. This is extremely helpful because, again, these people are a lot more likely to buy items from your closet if they’re looking for the sizes you have. For example, if you have a lot of plus size items in your Poshmark closet, don’t start following random people.

You are unlikely to follow a large percentage of plus size users that way. Search specifically for people who have their size listed as plus size –  say 22 to 24; follow those people specifically to get more sales on Poshmark.


Start getting crazy with your pictures; focus on your cover photo.

Take flat lays, gather props, or use flowers. You will get more sales on Poshmark if you have clean, aesthetically pleasing pictures on Poshmark. Find a blogger or designer whose aesthetic you admire and channel them when taking cover images for your listings.

Poshmark is a visual platform and has many similarities to Instagram. People are scrolling through the feed or searching a particular brand or style and they will look at your item based mostly off of the cover photo. So, make sure that at least your cover photo is clean, clear, and well-styled. The rest of your photos just need accurately show what your item looks like. You honestly don’t need to worry about styling these unless you want to.


If you’re a full-time reseller: get more sales on Poshmark by paying close attention to showrooms.

One of the most valuable things you can spend your time doing on Poshmark is keeping up with Poshmark showrooms. Source some of your inventory specifically for these showrooms – these are top items on Posh that sell quickly. Just make sure that you include the keywords in these listings. You don’t share your items to showrooms, they will automatically appear in there if the listings include the exact keywords in the names of the showrooms.

For instance, if your item is a J.Crew puffer vest, make sure that you put those exact words into your listing title and description. 

It works and these items sell. There is a set number of these showrooms each day – keep track of them and source items for them when possible. I wouldn’t recommend trying to exclusively sell showroom items, but you can definitely boost your sales by being on the lookout for the items that are featured in them regularly. They are heavily featured in the app, so shoppers are more likely to see these items than regular ones. Having some of your items in showrooms will also drive traffic to the rest of your closet.


Follow up with private discounts for people who show interest in your items.

When somebody bundles an item (or items) make sure to send them an offer immediately even if it’s just a couple dollars off. They’re in the mood to buy it then and there; 20 minutes later they might have gone to work or had an argument with their spouse or any number of things. Get them while they’re in shopping mode: make more sales on Poshmark by making sure you follow up on any bundles with a private offer even if it’s only a small discount. They’re more likely to buy if you follow up with an offer right away rather than waiting. 

Since this feature came into play, I usually recommend that sellers lower the automatic bundle discount in their closet. Many buyers expect to be offered a lower price on bundles through this feature. Poshmark advises sellers to list their items at least 40-50% off the original retail price. So if you have a 15% discount automatically applied to your item that is 50% off and the buyer expects you to throw in free shipping or $5-10 off on top of that, your profits will be eaten up quicker.

Reduce your default bundle discount to 5% if you want to keep one. This way, you can afford to send more private offers should you choose to. 


Follow other resellers or Poshmark sellers on Instagram. And YouTube.

One of the best ways that you can find high-quality Poshmark tips and learn more about brands to source for Poshmark is by getting advice from other Poshers. There are quite a few extremely helpful Instagrammers and YouTubers who share their daily experiences as a Poshmark seller and share valuable information that you can learn from tremendously.

Here are some great Poshmark YouTubers to follow:

These ladies all know what they’re doing and have some great content. They share bands and styles that sell well, various Poshmark tips and tricks, and what to do in specific instances that aren’t ideal; like when a return case is opened against you. If you’ve seen someone else handle it before it happens to you, you’ll feel a lot more confident in dealing with the same situation yourself.

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Research the sold listings religiously

research sold listings on poshmark and ebay

It can be helpful to browse through current Posh listings, but it’s more important to check what items are selling for and how often they are selling. Especially if you’re someone who sells on multiple platforms, you’ll want to make sure that it makes sense to be listing your item on Poshmark. If it’s the wrong brand or style and is rarely sold on Posh, you may be wasting your time by listing it there. It might do better on another Platform. This brings me to the last point, which is…

Understand what sells best on Posh and what works better on other platforms, like eBay

If you sell on other platforms, make sure you know what to list on Poshmark and what you shouldn’t bother with listing there. This will save you hours of fruitless efforts. If you want to get more sales on Poshmark, you have to list only the items that make sense there! Crossposting makes sense for many items, but not all of them. Do your research. Future you will thank current you for putting in the effort to know your craft and understand what works best for each platform you sell on.

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6 Killer Productivity Tips for Work at Home Moms

Here are six of my favorite productivity tips for work at home moms. I use these all the time! My husband is in the army but the pay he receives does not cover our bills – not even close! Chipping in and helping with our expenses is a lot easier for me with these free tools. I adore being a work at home mom, but it can get difficult at times. Productivity is essential. I hope one of these tips helps you regain a little bit of lost time and stay on track as a work at home mom.

1.) Dictation/voice to text

If you’re someone who writes, blogs, or does anything with words for a living, I recommend that you start using dictation software.
I’m an extreme introvert and I never understood why people would dictate instead of write, but now I completely get it.
I can’t stand hearing my voice out loud but when I became a mom I started a blog and I also did some freelance writing jobs. Until I started using dictation I stressed out on a daily basis.
If I was lucky, I was able to put up a blog post a week when writing them manually. There was no way that I could do everything that I wanted to and that led to me becoming very discouraged. I felt terrible that I was lagging behind, as my husband has a fixed income and can’t cover our bills alone.
Dictation does not result in perfect blog posts or text. It’s often quite the opposite! Just walls of text with errors here and there. You don’t get the same smooth flow as you would get manually writing, but prior to dictating I was getting almost nothing done. The first day I started dictating into Google docs I created 10 new blog post drafts.

That’s a 1000% productivity increase from the week before! Dictating does get some take some getting used to because if you’re a natural writer a lot of times you’re not a natural speaker. This is the case for me, but after speaking aloud to my phone for hours it became a lot easier than it was the first time.

I’m not sure how I ever got anything done without dictation! I know a lot of people use it, but it’s just something that I never thought was for me. Now I can’t see myself living without dictation. This is one of my favorite productivity tips for work at home moms. It’s incredibly helpful when my hands are tied up, doing general mom stuff.

2.) Canva.

I am a terrible artist. I’ve downloaded a trial of Adobe Photoshop and tried to create my own graphics many times over the last few years. While I was able to understand how to use Photoshop, I was unable to create anything aesthetically pleasing. With Canva I can mess around until I create templates that suit the purposes of whatever project I’m working on. Then, I can use the templates over and over again to create images for blog posts, Instagram content, or whatever it is I need for the project.

I’m now able to efficiently create nice looking images. It only takes me a couple of minutes to make a Pinterest pin, whereas before it would’ve taken me considerably longer.

3.) Actually sleeping when the baby sleeps at least half the time

I know – everyone says it! Who actually follows through with it, though? Especially if you have things to do!


If you’re someone who enjoys getting work done and reaching goals, it will be hard for you to sleep when the baby sleeps. Trust me: if you don’t do this you will exhaust yourself. You’ll be less productive than you would be if you were constantly trying to work while the baby is asleep.


There have been days that I’ve tried staying awake throughout the night while the baby sleeps to get ahead on my jobs, but unless I had slept that day while the baby was sleeping, I didn’t get much done. The days I avoided sleep, I wasn’t productive at all even though I was working more hours than ever before. I ended up doing low-quality work and then being almost nonfunctional the next day.


This is a negative thing not only for yourself and for your productivity, but also for your baby. Make sure that you’re getting enough sleep so that you have the energy to take care of yourself, the baby. If you’re not doing that, how are you supposed to get any work done?


If this means that some days you don’t get much done at all, try not to worry. Some days you will get a little more work done than you planned to. Sometimes the baby will take a longer nap or will be content playing with her toys. There will be easy days and that will be tough days. It’s easy to get discouraged on a day that doesn’t go well and you get nothing done. But if you let yourself get stressed out about it you’ll make it harder on yourself. Try again tomorrow! It’s OK.


As long as you can accept that you’ll have good days and bad days, you will do well. Sleep when you can. Just make sure you’re making good use of the time that you have available. Always limit distractions like TV, video games, and household chores when you can. That leads me to the next tip:

4.) Try to forget about the household chores as often as possible.

They are not that important. Unless someone’s coming over or there’s a legitimate reason for you to have a spotless home, try to not focus on chores. I know it’s hard especially being a new mom or a mom in general. But trust me when I say that looking back at your life a year from now, it’s unlikely that you will remember doing chores. You won’t be thankful that you did those chores. You would, however, be thankful for a project you worked on that led you to more frequent successful opportunities.

If you’re constantly worried about whether your home is spotless, you’ll never get anything done, trust me. Once I shifted my focus to getting things done that I cared about and building my skills with relevant software and technologies and getting jobs done for clients, I was so much more motivated.

Getting things done and being able to make money as a full-time, stay-at-home mom is extremely fulfilling. It’s such a challenge. The fact that I can take care of this tiny human being as well as supplement my family’s income means more to me than always getting the laundry done immediately or having a spotless kitchen sink.

That’s not to say that I completely forgot about chores or never did anything in relation to cleaning. I definitely go on a cleaning spree once in a while to keep things in check (or if my mother-in-law is coming over).

After a couple months of relentlessly trying to keep my apartment spotless, I decided that it wasn’t something that was going to bring me any value or opportunities.


5.) Meal prepping food, making freezer meals, or buying pre-made meals

If you’re not someone who is completely against the idea of freezer meals I highly recommend making them both before you give birth and after. This is one of the most time-saving productivity tips for work at home moms out there. It literally saves me HOURS each day.

Even as someone who loves to cook, after my daughter arrived, I was never in the mood to cook. Nor did I have the time! Once every two weeks or so (sometimes even once a month) I’ll make a batch of breakfast sandwiches. Doing this means that I eat breakfast way more often than I would if I did not freeze meals.

I love food. But with all the stress that comes with having a new baby, being a new mom, and trying to work from home means that I would forget to eat and my first meal would often be at 7 PM. Don’t let this happen to you!

Before my daughter arrived, I made a lot of frozen meals in advance to eat the first month or two after my daughter was born. Once they were gone, I didn’t understand that I would need to keep prepping food to stay productive. It’s a lot easier to throw a breakfast sandwich in the microwave in the morning for a minute or two then it is to make your own breakfast, especially if there’s no one there to help you.

My eating habits are so much healthier right now than they’ve ever been because by making my food in advance I’m limiting what I can have to what I prep. More importantly, I’m also making sure that I do eat rather than starve myself all day and forget.

If you’re breastfeeding, this is especially important for you to do because you want to make sure that you are getting enough protein and nutrients so that your breastmilk is as beneficial as possible for your baby. If you’re not eating regularly, then you’re not only doing yourself a disservice but your baby as well.

Here are some of my favorite recipes to freeze or meal prep for the first year of your babies life.

If you’re somebody who cannot meal prep, doesn’t want to, or can’t see yourself making freezer meals on a regular basis, don’t stress! You can always get your groceries delivered and choose to buy fully or partially premade meals. Apps like Instacart can be extremely helpful as a mom when you don’t want to go out with a screaming baby (or two or three). There are also services like Hello Fresh if you really do want to cook, but just don’t want to go out and spend an hour in the grocery store on a weekly basis. It’s a little pricey for me, but I can speak to the quality and experience because my dad ordered me a week’s worth of Hello Fresh when I was pregnant. Their meals are high-quality and don’t take long to make. They also taste amazing. So, if you have a bigger budget to work with, Hello Fresh could be a great solution for you.


6.) Say yes to people who offer to help you.

If somebody you trust offers to help you by taking your child for a few hours every Saturday so that you can get things done, accept the help! If you’re not someone who would regularly accept help, I’m talking directly to you. It was very hard for me to start accepting help but especially in the beginning, I recognized that I did need help and it was something that could benefit me, my baby, and my family enough that I just had to start saying yes.

If someone is offering to make a meal for you, drive you somewhere, or even watch your child while you take a nap – say yes as often as possible! Especially while you get into the swing of things or get back on track after you’ve gotten in over your head a little. Make sure you’re not denying these kinds of opportunities when they pop up. Eventually, they will go away and you’ll wish you had taken advantage of them!

Think of it from the other person’s perspective. If someone close to you just had a baby and you knew very well that there were plenty things that you could do to help out – you would want to help them, wouldn’t you?

Don’t feel bad for accepting help from somebody who genuinely wants to help you. It will make the other person feel good. And you would probably do the same for them! I know it’s hard but just try it out and it’ll probably be something that both parties will get a benefit from.

Do you have any other favorite productivity tips for stay at home moms? Let me know! I’d love to hear your ideas. Thanks for reading!