17 Self-Care Ideas for Work at Home Moms

self-care for work at home moms


17 self-care tips for work at home moms. WAHMs are crazy-hard workers. It can be absolutely exhausting. Saving this for ideas! #wahm #selfcare #wahmtips

Work at home mom life can be a blast. You’re able to help provide for your family (maybe you’re even the primary breadwinner) without missing out on your children’s learning experiences and growth. But sometimes, it gets a little rough. I hope this list of self-care ideas for work at home moms helps you de-stress! See if you can find something to add to your daily or weekly regimen to make more time for yourself and wind down.

Affiliate disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. On my blog, I only recommend things that I actually use and would recommend to a friend.

1.) Schedule time for yourself in the morning or evening.

I love to write, but you may prefer reading or watching a TV series. Whatever it is that you find yourself wishing you had more time for, include it in your schedule. If you find this to be completely impossible, maybe it’s time to consider reworking your schedule entirely. That brings me to tip number two…

2.) Redo your schedule and remove things that aren’t necessary and don’t make you happy.

Get. Rid. Of. The. Bullshit. You can do it! If you’re relatively new to planning and organizing your time, check out this great post on how to prioritize by Gillian Perkins. Check her our in general, actually! She’s written a bestselling book on how to get your life sorted out and runs a successful YouTube channel with tons of helpful videos for moms who want to build a business of their own.

She talks about figuring out what you value in life and prioritizing only the tasks that are helping you to get there. She really breaks down the steps to take to end up with an organized week full of tasks that will help you live your best life. She’s even got a free printable planning pack to go along with the post.

3.) Reduce the number of dishes in the sink at the end of the day (or week) by removing extra dishes from your cabinet. 

This will make it easier for you to stay on top of the dishes. If you have fewer of them, they won’t pile up so high. Someone will be forced to do the dishes once you run out. This may sound like a negative thing, but it won’t take nearly as long to get the dishes done if fewer are available. This has been an absolute game-changer for me. No more unmanageable stacks of dirty dishes around the sink – I’m much less likely to put off getting them done if I know it will only take me five or ten minutes. You can apply this idea to other areas of your home as well. I stored most of my clothes in the back of my closet and now I have a much smaller laundry pile.

4.) Grab a hot drink and make it easier for you to do so during the day.

This is for you moms out there who have just about zero free time right now. Sometimes, a good coffee, tea, or hot chocolate can function as a motivational midmorning treat that will keep you going throughout the afternoon. Try setting up a quick-serve hot drink station in your kitchen so that you aren’t digging around in cabinets each time you want some tea. You might be able to use a glass canister to hold and display teabags without feeling like you’re cluttering up your counter space.

5.) If you have trouble remembering basic self-care, don’t store items in cabinets for now

Your vitamins, face mask, moisturizer, and other essentials. You’re more likely to use these things if you can see them! There was a period of time where I felt depression creeping in and I would forget steps of my skincare regimen. I’d never drink the ginger tea I have that does a decent job of calming me down. I wouldn’t take the time to eat healthily. When I leave fruit on the counter in plain sight, I’m more likely to grab it.

6.) Take a 15-minute walk or sit on the porch

Even if you’re not an outdoorsy person, getting some air can help you de-stress. Simply putting your work down for a quick 10-15 minute break can do wonders for your productivity and your mindset.

7.) Beautify your workspace

If you have a little wiggle room in your budget, try injecting your workspace with some of your own, personal style. It’s been proven time and time again that your environment greatly impacts your mood and productivity. By transforming your desk, living room, bedroom, or other work areas into places that you enjoy existing in, you’ll become that much more satisfied with your daily routine.

There are a number of low-cost ways to upgrade your workspace. Next time you buy a new notebook or stationary, commit to something bright and bold! Or, find something with your brand colors. If you have a color printer at home, try looking for some inspirational printable wall art! Buy a cheap frame and display your art above your space for a daily dose of inspo. Here’s a list of fun and low-cost ideas to help make your work area brighter and more interesting:

  • Greens: Succulents, concrete planters, mini herb garden, terrarium, bonsai
  • A fun sculpture lamp
  • Bright desk accessories
  • Beautiful books that inspire you and relate to your work or business
  • Try sticking to a color palette you enjoy
  •  LED box light sign with a custom message or quote you like

8.) Fire up the smell-goods

Candles. Essential oils. Wax. Wallflowers. Whatever your favorite way to make your home smell amazing is, make it a habit. I love the smell of a cozy candle in the fall or a bright, fresh scent in the summer. I’m not sure why, but working in a home that smells fantastic is so relaxing and just a better experience in general.

As far as essential oils go, for some reason, I don’t like a lot of the ones that come in starter kits! These are typically lavender, sweet orange, and basil. I find that woodsy scents, like fir needle, are so much more refreshing and calming to me. So much so that I’m seriously considering investing in a set of earth and woods essential oils.

Spicy scents blends are great, too. I found this awesome spice oil blend at the Kroger near me that was under $5 and so so good. Look for something with clove, cinnamon, and ginger if you enjoy warm fall scents with a slight spice to them.

9.) Make yourself a healthy meal

Good food will make you feel better. Try this copycat of PF Chang’s chicken lettuce wraps or these super simple burrito bowls. Or check out this huge list of quick and healthy recipes. Simplicity is key to reducing overwhelm, but your health should be a priority! When you feel good, you’ll be able to get more work done and you’ll have more energy to be available for your kids.

10.) Do a face mask or paint your nails

Pamper yourself! This doesn’t have to mean a trip to the spa or salon. Taking a few minutes out of your day to wind down and treat yourself to an at-home pampering session will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your next project. My favorite mask for a deep cleansing session is the ever-popular Indian healing clay – you can get it on Amazon or on Thrive Market, if you have an account with them. Man, this stuff really helps get the gunk out of your pores. For a lighter experience, Formula 10.0.6 has some awesome and really affordable masks. You can grab one at Ulta or on Amazon. I believe they have these masks at Target as well!


11.) Learn a new skill

There’s nothing that improves your confidence levels quite like mastering a new skill. Try something new! I remember the first time I picked up a paintbrush as an adult. During my entire youth, my sister had been the artist in the family. I was always more technologically inclined and never considered attempting anything too artistic.

Years later, I wanted to start a blog and I needed to learn more about graphic design. I took a couple courses on Skillshare and watched a few YouTube videos and practiced as much as I could. I’m no world-class designer, but I’m leagues better than what I was when I started! I now have an entire skill set that did not even remotely exist within me a few years ago.

I was homeschooled throughout junior high and high school and I’ve always enjoyed using online courses to supplement my education. After graduation, I continued. To this day, I explore new skills online all the time. I personally use Treehouse to uplevel my coding and design skills. I have the basic plan, which is $25 a month and I. Just. Love. It. They’re mostly focused on tech and design, but they have quite a few business-related courses up as well. There’s a free 7-day trial if you have time to try it out!

If you’re not too sure what you want to pursue yet, that’s fine! You can get a free two month trial of Skillshare and take all kinds of courses to explore your options. Most of their classes are broken down into small, bite-size chunks that you can easily fit into your breaks or set aside thirty minutes a day for. They’ve got courses on design, illustration, watercolor painting, web development, SEO, blogging, cooking, management, marketing, and even brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Between Skillshare, YouTube, and other online course providers like edX and Coursera, I never run out of new things to learn about.

12.) Talk to a friend or family member on the phone

Who have you been meaning to catch up with but haven’t gotten around to it yet? You probably know somebody who you can easily have a 30-minute phone call with. So pick up the phone and have a good conversation! Vent to them if you need to and listen to their frustrations as well. Knowing you’re not alone makes all the difference sometimes.

13.) Start investing or put some money in savings

Finances can be tough to deal with. Work toward banishing your financial woes altogether. Aren’t you over them by now? Every time you throw some money into your savings, you’ll feel a little bit better. Knowing that you have an emergency fund can take a huge weight off your shoulders. If you’ve already got a fund in place, try investing! You can use a service like Acorns to start investing with a minimal beginning account balance. You can even use Acorns through PayPal now – perfect for any of you other freelancing mamas out there.

14.) Pick some flowers and place them in plain sight

Pick flowers to beautify your space

A free or low-cost way to elevate your workspace, living room, or kitchen. Find a vase (or empty mason/pasta sauce jar) and go find some flowers! Seriously, taking the time to make your home beautiful will boost your mood. And it doesn’t have to cost much (or anything)!

15.) Join a work at home moms group or start a group chat

Reach out to other work at home moms to find real-life or internet friends who can help keep you accountable. This can be as simple as finding a group on Facebook for work at home moms. Don’t be tempted to stalk the page all day, but having a group of other business-minded women available at the click of a button can be super helpful! Not to mention inspirational. If you connect with a few women in particular, ask them if they want to be your accountability partners! You can give each other quick daily updates on your goals and progress to motivate each other.

16.) Limit your YouTube time to helpful videos only. Same idea with reading articles.

productivity tips for wahms: be mindful about your video consumption

Be intentional about the videos you watch and the articles you read. Don’t get sucked into the world of beauty vlogging for the 80th time this week! Try to limit your YouTube habit to a certain number of videos per day. When you’re only able to watch five a day, you’ll make sure that those five videos are worth watching. YouTube can be an incredibly helpful resource for small business owners, freelancers, and moms. Just make sure you’re only taking in information that is contributing toward your goals! One of the biggest reasons I’ve burnt out in the past is because I felt like I had wasted so much time in the day that there was no point attempting to get anything done.

Tip: Make use of the “Watch Later” feature on YouTube to bookmark videos for later instead of continuing to binge! I catch myself clicking on too many videos all the time and my “Watch Later” playlist helps me stop procrastinating.

17.) Don’t compare yourself to other women, or people. Especially celebrities!

This one is hard, especially if you’re on social media. Many celebs, YouTubers, and women, in general, have surgically enhanced features. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, but just know that you shouldn’t compare yourself to them! Besides, you do not exist simply to be attractive to other people. Your beauty is real, but it’s not your most important quality.

Also, don’t compare your achievements to those of others. There is no point. All we have is right now. Do what you can with what you have and plan for the future. Don’t let beauty standards or fear of failure distract you from your dreams and goals. Stay focused and create the life you want to live.

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17 self-care tips for work at home moms. WAHMs are crazy-hard workers. It can be absolutely exhausting. Saving this for ideas! #wahm #selfcare #wahmtips


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