Free Pre-K Math Printable: Number Recognition with Fruit, Space + Sky themes

free preschool printable number recognition page 1 preview

Hello! I’m gearing up to start teaching my little some math. I started making a few printables for her, and I thought I would release them here as I make them. This free pre-k math printable focuses on number recognition and has a space, planets, and sky theme. I’ve also made a fruit-themed variation. I’ve placedRead more

Learn to Code for Free with this List of Courses

learn to code for free

Wanna learn to code? It’s easier than ever before. Affiliate disclosure: Links inserted into this post may be affiliate links. I’d never recommend anything I don’t personally use and love. Recommendations are based on my experience learning to code since I was in high school. With so many high-quality and free options available thanks toRead more

5 Traits You Need to be Successful as a Homeschooler in High School

how to be sucessful as a homeschooler

Thinking about homeschooling? As a homeschooler, you’ll have to do a little bit of extra work to make sure things like high school graduation and college applications go smoothly. You’ll also be more responsible for designing your education and making sure you finish your schoolwork on time. These are just a couple of reasons whyRead more