Is Pretty Poshmark Packaging Overrated?

poshmark packaging: is pretty packaging overrated?

Is pretty packaging on Poshmark overrated? That depends on you and what your Poshmark closet looks like. Poshmark packaging costs vary greatly from seller to seller. To decide whether or not what you get out of creating pretty Poshmark packages is worth the effort and money, consider these things:

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  • How big is your Poshmark closet? Creating pretty packages will be easier for a seller making a few sales a day than it will be for large-volume sellers.
  • What is the cost per package of your materials?
  • What are your profit margin expectations? Is the cost of packaging supplies cutting into your profits too much or is the cost justified?
  • How important are love notes and great reviews to your Poshmark business?

If you’re someone who sees a lot of value in the number love notes you receive or if you’re a new Poshmark closet just starting to establish yourself on the app, you should probably put more effort into your packaging.

Going the extra mile with Poshmark packaging will usually earn you more five-star reviews and more love notes. Poshmark love notes used to be private, but now they are now publicly viewable. Poshmark shoppers can see your star rating and use this information to decide whether they want to purchase from you.

Love notes and reviews act as social proof for your closet and can lead to more sales. If you are a new seller or you’re struggling in the review department, you will probably benefit from creating “pretty” packages for your buyers.

But if you’re an established seller, you already know what works best for your closet. Clean, simple, and secure packaging with a small personal touch can do the trick just as well as extra tissue paper, ribbons, and frills.

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Environmental impact of your packaging choices

If you’re concerned about the amount of paper that used in pretty packaging you’ll definitely want to cut down on the supplies that you use.

There are tons of ways to create appealing packages without creating a lot of waste.

  • Try using recycled paper to pad your items reuse old poly mailers from your online orders.
  • Save bubble wrap from anything you buy online and use those in your own packages.
  • You may want to include a note to the buyer explaining that you’re trying to be eco-friendly by not creating excessive waste.

More on creating eco-friendly Poshmark packaging

Shoppers on Poshmark who expect the stereotypical “pretty” Poshmark package will likely be more than understanding if you include a note explaining what you’re trying to accomplish by leaving out the extras.

Many buyers may have not even considered that the amount of items most seller use in their packaging is wasteful.

As long as the package is securely packed and everything is clean, there’s no reason for the buyer to complain or leave you a bad rating. So, don’t be afraid of going more eco-friendly.

It’s up to you whether you want to go this route or if you want to buy some tissue paper and ribbon to make your packages more “Poshmark pretty”.

You could always request that the buyer use any packing materials that you sent them for their own sales. This is a reasonable request that eco-conscious Poshmark shoppers will appreciate. So much packaging gets thrown out without a second thought.

But if it isn’t dirty, why can’t packaging materials like bubble wrap and tissue paper be used for another package? This saves money and it’s better for the environment.

Costs of Poshmark packaging materials

The cost of creating your Poshmark packaging doesn’t have to be too high, but this depends on what you see as your essential packaging and shipping supplies.

  • You can get a pack of tissue paper or ribbon from the dollar store or a larger value pack from discount stores like TJ Maxx.
  • Thank-you cards can be purchased in large quantities for cheap at craft stores like Michaels, at discount stores like Ross, and one of my personal go-tos – at the section at the front of Target with $1 – $5 items.

Calculate the cost of your packaging materials

Take the cost of your packaging materials and divide it by the number of packages you’ll be able to create with it. You’ll just need to write down the cost of each item, how many units are in each package, and what the PPP (price per package) is. Here’s a little example of what this might look like:

poshmark packaging costs breakdown

This breakdown is assuming you’re bargain shopping for Poshmark packaging materials off of Amazon, at the dollar store, and at Walmart or similar discount stores. It includes shipping-related items as well so that you’re getting an idea of the true total amount each package costs you.

I’m also assuming here that you are using about 3 ft of ribbon per package when you use it and around 1 ft of tape, on average. Some packages will use more tape than others, obviously. When you use polymailers you likely won’t use much tape.

So, using the PPP costs here, a package with all of these items will cost me about $1.03. A package without a free gift included will cost $0.53 to ship. While this doesn’t sound like a huge number, packaging costs can add up quickly. If you’re shipping out 20 packages per week, that’s $20.60, if you include free gifts (assuming you’re sticking to a budget of about fifty cents per gift). Without gifts, it’s still about $10 to ship 20 packages a week with tissue paper, ribbon, and thank-you cards.

Some of these expenses you can’t do much about (tape, printer ink, paper, polymailers in some cases) but some are optional. You can reduce your shipping costs by eliminating unnecessary packaging items.

  • Use free USPS boxes instead of polymailers if you don’t have a high-performing, branded Poshmark closet yet.
  • Try using thank-you stickers instead of individual cards
  • Buy pretty paper and cut it up to use for thank-you notes
  • Purchase supplies for shipping and packaging in bulk to save money long-term (only do this if you are comfortable with the number of Poshmark listings you’re selling on a weekly basis)

How much do your Poshmark packages cost to ship? Mine is somewhere in the area of $0.80, which is OK, but definitely a number I can work on reducing. What are your thoughts on creating more eco-friendly Poshmark packaging? Let me know in the comments. I don’t see this subject being brought up too often and I’d love to hear your opinion!

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