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learn to code for free

Wanna learn to code? It’s easier than ever before.

Affiliate disclosure: Links inserted into this post may be affiliate links. I’d never recommend anything I don’t personally use and love. Recommendations are based on my experience learning to code since I was in high school.

With so many high-quality and free options available thanks to learning websites like edX and Coursera, you can start to learn to code for free anytime you want. In fact, there are so many free courses to choose from that it may be overwhelming to make a decision. Especially if you’re new to computer science courses.

Decide whether you’re more interested in web or software development first. If you choose software development, you’ll have to choose a language to start with as well. These days, common language choices for new programmers usually include Python, Java, C, or Javascript. You can pick any language you’d like, though. If you have no idea which language you want to start with, don’t worry. Dive in! Whatever language you choose to start with, you will learn the same fundamental ideas and you can always change your mind later.

Additionally, if you choose to continue with programming after learning your first language, you’ll pick up the second one a lot quicker. You can learn to code in as many as you find useful or interesting.


I’ve laid out 3 different paths here. Each is a little “mini-degree” of courses, if you will, that uses a particular language or set of languages.

  • Python
  • Java
  • Web development (HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.)

Pick a path and get busy learning to make awesome stuff with code for free today!

learn to code with python

Learn to Code in Python || 4 courses || about 245 hours

1.)  An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python (Part 1) // Rice University // Coursera || about 40 hrs

2.)  An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python (Part 2) // Rice University // Coursera || about 35 hrs

3.)  Analytics in Python // Columbia University // edX  || about 110 hours

4.) Python Data Representations // Rice University // Coursera || about 30 hours

5.) Python Data Analysis // Rice University // Coursera || about 30 hours

Resource list for Python:

learn to code with java

Learn to Code in Java || 4 courses || about 290 hours

1.)  Learn to Program in Java // Microsoft // edX || about 32 hours

2.)  Object-Oriented Programming with Java  // Microsoft // edX  || about 32 hours

3.) AP Computer Science A: Java Programming Polymorphism and Advanced Data Structures // Purdue University // edX || about 45 hours

4.) Software Construction in Java // MIT // edX || about 180 hours

Resource list for Java:

Here are a few additional resources that will be helpful if you choose to learn to code in Java. Codecademy and Sololearn have interactive tutorials that you can use to repeat any weak points you might have or fill in any gaps in your introductory learning. BlueJ is an excellent choice of an IDE for a new Java developer. You may want to try it out if you think you’d enjoy seeing your code laid out visually or if it might help you learn more effectively. Eclipse is a widely used IDE for Java developers.

learn to code with html and css

Learn to Code With HTML, CSS, and other Web Development Technologies || 10 Courses || about 220 hours

1.) Introduction to HTML and Javascript // Microsoft // edX || about 15 hours

2.) Advanced CSS Concepts // Microsoft // edX || | about 10 hours

3.) Introduction to Bootstrap // Microsoft // edX ||  about 5 hours

4.) Javascript Introduction // W3C // edX ||  about 35 hours

5.) Introduction to jQuery // Microsoft // edX || about 12 hours

6.) Essentials in Javascript ES6 // David Katz // Udemy || about 5 hours

7.) Introduction to SQL // U Michigan // Coursera || about 32 hours

8.) Building Web Applications in PHP // U Michigan // Coursera || about 60 hours

9.) Web Application Development: Basic Concepts // University of New Mexico // Coursera || about 15 hours

10.) Front-End Javascript Frameworks: Angular // The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology // Coursera || about 32 hours

Resources for learning to code with HTML, CSS, and other web development technologies:

  • w3Schools – Concise and authoritative reference website for HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, XML, and PHP
  • CodePen.io – Browser based live code editor, best tool for learning and prototyping HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • CSS-Tricks – Top-tier website featuring CSS tutorials. If you’re gonna use one, let it be this one.
  • Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) – Javascript tutorials
  • DevTips YouTube Channel – High-quality development and design tutorials. Usually shorter, bite-size videos. Strong design skills, so great to watch if you’re not a wonderful designer but want to get your daily dose of design inspo in.
  • Traversy Media YouTube Channel – Great longer tutorials and entire playlists for learning a whole new technology.
  • Chrome Developer Tools – One of the most useful free tools to take advantage of as a web developer.
  • Learn-html.org
  • Learn-js.org
  • Codecademy HTML & CSS and Javascript
  • Atom – a hackable text editor
  • Brackets – a simple text editor and a Udemy course on how to use it to its full potential.

No matter what technologies you choose to learn to code with, make sure to get familiar with GitHub, the free, open-source version control software you should be using to back up and share your code! Here’s a free Udemy course on how to use GitHub.

If you’re looking for a more all-in-one solution that offers courses on multiple programming languages and guides you through the process of learning them step-by-step, I recommend Treehouse. It’s what I use to stay current and add new tech skills to my box of tricks. It’s not free – it costs $25 a month after the free 7-day trial. On top of tons of tech topics, you can learn design and business skills. Actually, Treehouse is what I used to learn Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator!

I hope this list helps you learn to code! I’ll be updating it as I find more resources and I plan to add more languages. Thanks for reading. Are you learning to code right now? Comment below what you’re currently learning and how it’s going for you!

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