Top Brands to Sell on Poshmark: List of 105 Brands

Having trouble selling from your Poshmark closet? Maybe you have the wrong brands! Certain brands do better than others on Posh – it’s just a more niche marketplace than eBay.

Here’s a list of 105 women’s brands that are proven to sell well on Poshmark. This list was created with women clothing resellers in mind, but it has quite a few brands on it that also have men’s items that sell quite well.

It’s not a fancy list, so it’s very printer-friendly.

Free list of some of the best women's brands for clothing resale! #freebie #reselling

Keep in mind that with clothing resale, style and condition are just as important as brand. Pay extra attention to the condition when sourcing your inventory – you can get away with selling slightly damaged items if you lower your price significantly, but you want to be doing this as little as possible.  You also want to make sure that your items are current, trending styles or wardrobe staples that are sure to sell. This list of brands will get you started in the right direction, however!

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